Nocturne Alchemy Purpose Oil Protection

Invoking Goddess of Protection, God of Light and Order, may they keep you safe and away from harm, may all that is negative leave you like a deep breath being exhaled away from you. May peace and love and openness protect you within and without. May the energy of all realms shroud you with only beauty and protection.

From the Ancient God Horus and Goddess Isis help you to spread your wings and be true to yourself without fear. May they watch over you from the skies and from the stars and protect you.

Sandalwood Gold, Sandalwood White, Egyptian Sandalwood-Amber, Rosewood Incense, California White Desert Sage and Crystal Vanilla Absolute.

Purpose Oils can be used as ritual, meditation, for the Purpose of the names representation, worn as perfume and only as a helpful guidance in your life.  For centering toward positive affirmations. Created with beautiful ingredients, love and positive resonance.
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