Nocturne Alchemy Purpose Oil Strength

Invoking Amun RA together, God of the Sun and Wind, may they bring bright light for focus, inner strength of wind for deep filled lungs and may each exhale bring you the strength to be strong when necessary, to be a force that forms into storms when need by, to bring a brilliance of light when seeking the answers to touch questions. May the energy of all realms fill you with power and virtue to the things only you are meant to understand.

From the Ancient God Amun and RA, may they help you to lift your head high, pull your spine up so that it points to the strength of the Sun and may whomever gets in your way feel the storms from within you.

Sky Musk, Solar Amber, White Patchouli, Egyptian Dragon Blood Resin, Kobalt Vanilla Resin, Bastet's Blue Incense Accord, Orange Zest and Lavender Buds.

Purpose Oils can be used as ritual, meditation, for the Purpose of the names representation, worn as perfume and only as a helpful guidance in your life.  For centering toward positive affirmations. Created with beautiful ingredients, love and positive resonance.


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